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Our mission is to be the fully automated machine for construction. We are able to completely automate the constructive design of any product that can be systematically described. customX does not do individual development – this is and remains a manual task of engineers.



In fact, a configuration with customX just requires a description of the path to be taken to make the end product out of the individual parts. Instead of pre-constructing assemblies and end products, customX only needs rules that say how the assemblies and end products are to be made. The construction is then done by customX automatically. The rules include:

  • Grouping of parts with similar geometry and function to make part variants
  • Rules that limit the validity of parts
  • Rules that say how the parts are positioned in the assemblies and the assemblies in the end product
  • Determination of the validity ranges of the construction (length limits, grid dimensions etc.)
  • Determination of the possible forms of all parts
  • Calculation rules that define how the dimensions of the parts are calculated
  • Determination of how parts influence each other

All the documents necessary for sales and manufacturing are produced. Usually, these are the following:

  • 3D models for different purposes
  • Drawings derived from 3D models or produced directly in 2D, with complete dimensioning and other comments
  • Advanced 3D PDF documents to support sales and maintenance
  • Technical documentation with performance data of the specific product
  • Bill of materials, working plans, calculation results etc.

As all these documents are always generated anew and totally automatically for each configuration, a new perspective on construction tasks emerges. This way of doing configuration solves all the problems that are caused by the copying and changing method:

  • Mass changes are not necessary, the results are always up-to-date.
  • The maintenance of predefined standards is not necessary.
  • Searching for similar parts, their elaborate administration, in fact the whole change management is greatly simplified because the generated data only has to be archived for documentation purposes.
  • All the problems of redesigned constructions such as updating the technical status are not applicable.
  • Individual, manifold different versions of the same task cannot occur any more.
  • 100% accuracy because of automated processes

On the basis of this maxim, we have developed a product that fulfils complex requirements even in the standard version. Our intention is to make it really easy to build up a configuration.

Test us – and compare! To achieve the maximum effect, customX mostly uses technologies developed in-house especially for this purpose. In some points we also use common software standards so that no unnecessary interfaces occur outside the configuration.

  • Own technology:
    web surface, structural design, positioning and assembling of the product, 2D preview, processing and generating of the CAD format DWG, functionalities for the bill of materials, structural adoptions, ...
  • Technology integrated into customX:
    3D web viewer and generation of 3D PDF
  • Control for the use of standard software integrated into customX:
    o production of models, generation of drawings including the extension of the CAD functionality of Inventor, alternative plug-Ins for Inventor or AutoCAD
    o control of Word with variable texts and “assembling” out of sub-documents
    o control of Excel with processing of lists

Please read about the performance features of customX in detail. Performance features

Following this route consistently will lead to changes in responsibilities and procedures inside the engineering department. It is unavoidable that the following tasks need to be logically separated

  • Design / development:
    The first draft and the further development of a product is and remains the classical responsibility of the engineering department. The typically used tool is a CAD system.
  • Generating processing capability:
    We are convinced that the build-up of a configuration system with customX is the task of the engineering department. Building up a product configuration with customX virtually means making a serial product out of a product variant. In return, the task of project planning is no longer necessary. Experience has shown that it is best to divide up staff according to the responsibilities - development, configuration and special construction. This will facilitate the implementation of process orientation and make sure project tasks do not dominate.
  • Special construction:
    Depending on the product, a small percentage cannot be covered by a configuration. Therefore, a few tasks to find solutions for special constructions remain – if you so wish.