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Configurator for Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Mechanical and Plant Engineering are classic fields of application for configuration software. Both sectors involve highly variable products that always have to be adapted based on specific customer requirements. That naturally results in a very time-consuming change process which can be fully automated with customX.  

"Automate Change Management and Project Planning with customX"

Configuration in Mechanical Engineering

Machine Manufacturers usually build their products based on specific customer requirements and have to flexibly offer a wide range of variants. Manually creating these variant constructions is very time-consuming and the error-rate is high. Would it not be ideal to create product variants on demand and only when needed? Preparing catalogues with possible product variants is very time-consuming for companies and often leads to frustration as catalogues can never offer all possible variants, but only the common ones.

Good news is: the configuration software customX is the perfect solution for demanding variant management. Each product variant is flexibly created on demand after specifying individual customer requirements via a web interface. customX works based on rules that contain the entire product knowledge. The software automatically creates all customer documents like quotes and 3D pdf as well as technical documents like parts lists, 3D models and fully detailed manufacturing drawings.

The benefits are obvious: sales staff can now independently put together individual solutions for each customer while they are talking to them. The configured products are always technically feasible and satisfy all individual customer request. A corresponding quote can instantly be generated and technical documents are automatically created when needed.

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Configuration in Plant Engineering

When planning entire plants, the focus is on individually combining and assembling many parts in order to create a complex project. That can make it difficult to maintain the necessary overview at all times. In order to avoid double engineering, it has to be checked if the respective part has been generated before. If not, the parts have to be newly created and then combined correctly.

The configuration software customX automates plant engineering to a large extent. With customX, you can freely and flexibly position parts or let customX do it entirely based on rules. customX automatically checks if the part already exists and – if not - generates new parts based on product knowledge in form of the customX rulebook.

All you have to do is chose the desired parts and leave the rest to customX. Finally, the entire project and all required documents are generated automatically at the push of a button. Not only documents for the single parts are created, but also for the entire plant.

The permanent 2D and 3D preview adapts to every change and makes work even easier for you as you can always transparently check if the plant really meets customer requirements. Also it gives you an overall view of the entire plant at all times.

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