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Many people are not aware of the fact that planning is actually configuration. The end product (project) is the result of putting together many individual parts for the customer. In general, this is a task that also has to be done during a product configuration, but it requires more. The unique technology of customX makes it possible to support specific planning requirements methodologically.

A very interesting aspect is that customX is able to make global default settings that influence the form of the individual parts. This is very efficient, facilitates mass changes and makes it possible to play around with diverse solutions.

Unlike working with libraries consisting of predefined parts, customX creates individual assemblies for each project during the configuration, which can be completely copied and modified later. Especially in planning, customX demonstrates its strengths by sticking to the principle: “Create variety by combining a few basic elements”.

Example: Shelving systems consist of many rows of shelves, each a combination of several sections and these again consisting of supports, shelf inlays, base, panels etc. With customX, you can assemble a complete shelving system out of the basic set of only a few parts without building up an enormous library with predefined row combinations.

It is not necessary to do a detour via a CAD system. Consequently, the following possibilities for the configuration of planning projects are available:

  • The position of a part is defined in the rulebook and is not found spread over several systems (such as the configuration system + CAD system)
  • Chains such as rows of conveying elements or sections of channels can easily be realized.
  • Definitions of parts that depend on positions can easily be realized.
  • The handling can be adapted to user groups.
  • Correlations between parts that are the result of their position (such as neighbouring parts) can easily be realized, even though the position of the parts can be freely chosen.

The ability to make spatial arrangements is the reason why customX is unique - any configuration requirements can be realized – no matter how complex – without a single line of programming.

customX offers this by means of its integrated functionalities which all work in the web browser without any restrictions:

  • 2D preview for first orientation at cyber speed
  • 3D preview, fast and suitable for normal Internet bandwidth
  • No additional licences necessary
  • Switching between different previews
  • Changes in content can be influenced by the rulebook for adaption to user groups

This makes it possible to call up and to configure the individual components and afterwards insert them directly. Relocations of the components are then possible in the CAD system.

Currently, this plug-in is available for AutoCAD and Inventor.

The planner usually works with functional building blocks in order to arrive at an individual solution, whereas the person in the order processing structures the project according to delivery dates and wants to combine identical components for manufacturing. customX solves these conflicts by offering the following possibilities:

  • Planning according to functions, without limitations
  • Free structuring of the projects in subprojects or quotation levels
  • Grouping of identical parts, error-prone counting is not necessary
  • Transfer of parts of a functional assembly into different quotations and project levels