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Product presentation

A customer is only a mouse click away from your product. And after that? How long does the customer need until he finds “his” individual end product and can evaluate the price and the appearance?

For serial products such as screws or hinges it has been standard practice for a long time now that you find the required product, get the price and the technical specifications, see the product in 3D and get the CAD data for use in your construction in the shortest possible time.

With customX, communication with the customer is now possible in the same quality for complex product variants. The handling of serial products shows that product presentation is much more than the purely optical presentation of the product.

A 3D presentation offers the following:

  • Possibility to get a real idea of the end product. This prevents dissatisfaction because errors in the specification are seen before production starts.
  • Colour variations and other optical influencing factors such as the positioning of profiles or the transparency of glass panels can only be seen in the 3D model.
  • Spatial incompatibilities can be avoided by checking the 3D model.
  • The handling of a product and the maintenance access can be well assessed using the 3D model.

The more complex a product is, the more important it is to make an optical check of the 3D model. Often, the customer only becomes aware of what his specification entails during the configuration. Usually, the customer knows the rough requirements for the product but only after advice from sales staff or the configuration system can he clearly define the final individual product. If this is done online, the 3D presentation is essential and it has to be available in an acceptable time, so that the customer can “try out” several variants in order to find an optimal solution.

Unfortunately, this has not been the case up until now; brochures are used that show all the possibilities but are difficult to handle. Or similar constructions are used to give the customer an idea of the product. Of course, this all leads to many mistakes, independent studies talk about an error rate of 2-3 % of the turnover. But these errors cause 80 % of the problems and reduce the operating result drastically.

customX produces clear documents within a few seconds or minutes. Already during the configuration, mistakes are avoided because inadmissible combinations or dimensions are excluded. This results in absolutely precise and individual documents. Misunderstandings caused by false interpretations are avoided. Due to their quality, the documents (quotation, drawings, technical specifications, 3D model ...) can exactly define the end product and are ready for production already in the quotation phase. In this way, mistakes caused by communication problems are completely avoided. And as the customer gets precise documents, including 3D models, right from the beginning, all conflicts that could arise because of deviations from the customer’s idea are legally excluded.

Consequently, the error rate will sink and the profit and customer satisfaction will increase considerably.

For you this means:

  • Of course you need a 3D model in different levels of detail depending on the planning progress.
  • The 3D model has to be available in specific BIM interface formats so that it is compatible to planning programs. Furthermore, it has to be sufficiently detailed to make all boundary conditions such as connections, dimensions, gaps etc. predictable on the basis of this model.
  • The graphical data has to be extended by features that the planning programs are able to evaluate.
  • All information on spare parts has to be integrated in the 3D model to ensure maintenance.

In this case, your product presentation is done in the CAD system of the planner, but will be indispensable if you want to be accepted as supplier in the long-term. When you use customX for configuration, the step to BIM capability will be a very small one.

If the precision of the presentation increases, which is absolutely necessary as explained above, the expectations as to how offer and delivery match, also increase. A higher level of detail in the quotation leads to a higher quality in the realization according to the quotation.
The concept of customX:

  • There are no interfaces between the single steps from sales through to production; therefore, transmission errors are avoided.
  • All documents (sales documents and production documents) are generated by the same system. As a result, all contents are identical. They only differ in the desired scope due to the purpose of the document.
  • The sources are identical; all documents are based on one single virtual model generated by customX on the basis of rules. Internally, customX does not differ between sales, construction and manufacturing – the product always remains the same and therefore the model is also always the same in customX.

customX is THE tool to support the business process from sales through to manufacturing. We make sure that the documents used in sales and manufacturing are always 100 % identical. This guarantees that you always deliver exactly what you offer.