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Automation of business processes

With customX, product variants can be handled in a similar way to catalogue products. The idea is that, after the configuration, all the documents that usually exist for catalogue products are available for product variants as shown in the list below.

Generated documents

  • Datasheet / document with performance description
  • Bill of materials
  • Calculated costs / price
  • Working plan
  • Production drawings
  • CAD models for internal purposes or data exchange
  • etc.

Complete automation
Long established tools for commercial handling or construction systems only cover parts of the business process. Achieving the maximum target is only possible by automating the business process from the beginning to the end. customX has been developed expressly for this purpose. Functionalities for covering the whole process:

  • Configuration manageable for laymen (consultation quality)
  • Fully automated production of the documents named above
  • Publication as web application without restrictions, multilingual options
  • Immediate product presentation on the web
  • Login procedures, document delivery, etc.

To achieve the maximum benefit, it is very important that the sales staff or even the end customers actually use the system, even though these users make high demands. Therefore, the configuration system needs to effectively support the users to enable them to reach a suitable variant out of the large variety of variants available. Functions of customX to achieve this target:

  • Made for use on the web, unlimited functionality
  • Order of data entry is irrelevant, no special knowledge required
  • Immediate and automatic feasibility check and feedback
  • Immediate 2D preview, true view in the web application
  • Modern 3D presentation of the configured product at the push of a button
  • Possibility of planning directly in the preview, no CAD knowledge required
  • High speed configuration, also for highly complex products

Why should you be satisfied with less?

customX uses and improves the best features of existing systems.

The basic idea behind customX is that the effectiveness of a configuration system relies on its ability to manage the construction. A marked improvement in the business process can only be realized by automating construction. It is important to understand that a parametric model from a CAD system is far from being an automation. Technically, this parametric model is already state-of-the-art, but it is not the aspired highly automated business process.

Features of customX to realize full automation:

  • Structural design, including calculation of all parts and their dimensions as well as build-up of product structures
  • Generation of the bill of materials and sorting and summing-up of quantities
  • Automatic generation of an original Inventor 3D model and of AutoCAD DWG files
  • Complex geometrical operations such as the transfer of features between related parts
  • Generation of drawings evolving from a 3D model or directly in AutoCAD
  • Automatic calculation of scale factors and arrangement of views on the paper
  • Large range of features to determine location of dimensioning and position numbers
  • Generation of PDF and 3D PDF documents

...as it ensures the fastest possible interaction with customers – much faster than manual operations.

Imagine your sales rep. visiting a potential customer. He discusses the requirements with the customer and the object is measured if necessary. Equipped with a tablet and using the web application he can work out a solution whilst still with his customer (faster than searching in catalogues). He immediately gets the price and can immediately propose a solution, generate coloured variants and present the product in 3D. Afterwards, he pushes a button and within a few minutes the potential customer gets an email with an individual quotation including all texts, the price, the data sheet, approval drawings and installation drawings.

Before customX, this process lasted several days or even weeks. But with customX, this business process can run as fast and customized as described above.