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From the customer directly to the product

Customer proximity and fast delivery via web access as success factors. Providers of variants have not had the technology for a continuous web presence – until now!

It goes without saying that a web application should be available around the clock (24/7). But if the system behind the application needs manual intervention and the customer has to wait for results, then the positive effect is completely lost. Therefore, availability does not mean just filling in a data entry form with customer requirements but being able to provide an interactive, immediate design of the product.

Variants are elusive

Product variants place high demands on the potential customer as well as on the supplier. Often the customer cannot clearly define what he wants, so – in order to support the potential customer effectively - the supplier has to use his solution catalogue to put together the correct combination or create an individual product. Imagine someone wishing to buy a tailor-made suit but having to describe what he needs to the dressmaker on the phone. Technical products with features and facilities that have to be put together individually are similarly difficult to handle. Nevertheless, customX has ingenious methods for finding these solutions online as a web application.

2D or 3D? Both, says customX.

"For the design of product variants, customX completely moves away from existing assembly catalogues and instead offers a catalogue of functionality and dimension variances. This purely functional view is customer friendly and easy for the customer to understand. The final configuration of the product – made from individual parts and assemblies – is done internally by the system without involving the user.

Configuration – easier than studying a classical catalogue

customX realizes highly complex applications with hundreds of influencing factors and mutual dependencies. The following features enable people without specialist knowledge to use customX:

  • Order of entry is irrelevant
  • Every entry is immediately checked according to the complete technical rulebook and wrong entries are corrected
  • Input fields contain technically reasonable proposals in order to give the user advice
  • After each entry, a technically feasible product is developed

Usability without specialist knowledge

In addition to the above listed support as regards content, providing customX as a web application guarantees a usability that is quickly learned. This includes all the graphics as they can be activated without specialist CAD knowledge – it’s “web-easy”.

The 3D images are fascinating – they give everybody the chance to see exactly what the final product will look like. Of course, customX also provides this kind of product presentation. What makes it even more special, however, is the combination of features:

  • High speed presentation of 3D models
  • Operable on almost every end device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • Ideally suited for web application due to transmission of low volumes of data
  • No programming of the model necessary
  • No libraries with predefined models necessary
  • Models quickly generated from standard CAD models, completely variable
  • No additional CAD licences necessary

The really unique feature is that this technology does not run on the basis of a CAD system and therefore is not subject to the restrictions of these systems. customX is able to handle CAD models in the background (which allows the maintenance of the 3D models in these standard systems) but the assembling of the parts and the preview embedded in the configuration system of customX run via its own specialized technology for configuration processing. The benefit is that it combines easy maintenance with the best performance in configuration processing. 2D or 3D? Both, says customX. In spite of the advantages of 3D models, a 2D representation is also important and is supported by customX. This has turned out to be beneficial in many applications. The reasons are the following:

  • Amazingly fast, immediate display of a 2D representation
  • Generation of drawings without a detour via 3D systems
  • Application with pure symbols (electro, layout plans, diagrams etc.)

It’s not only a vision – a seamless connection between customer configuration and production is already possible! customX provides an in-depth handling of product variants, which includes a conversational, consulting functionality as well as the whole range of documents:

  • Generation of quotations
  • Generation of detailed technical specifications
  • Generation of all manufacturing documents
  • Generation of bill of materials and working plans for transfer to ERP systems

The target of customX is to cover the whole process and ensure that orders are clear from the very beginning by providing the complete documentation for the offered product. This is the precondition for going directly to production if the customer orders the product. As no detailed questions need to be clarified, the delivery time purely depends on the production time. The advantages are the following:

  • Minimum delivery time
  • No faults due to communication issues, even with language and country boundaries
  • High customer satisfaction due to the clear, complete quotations – the delivered product is exactly the same as the product that was offered
  • Same quotation standard in the whole sales network