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Application areas

For which products and companies is customX particularly suitable?

Complex, manifold variant products via:

  • a high number of possible combinations
  • numerous dependencies of parts among each other
  • possibility of varying many dimensions simultaneously

Any attempts to manage variants have failed so far because:

  • the variance was considerably restricted by standardizing parts and assemblies
  • the maintenance of large databases was too time-consuming
  • the tools used in the system did not have enough functionalities
  • the solution only seemed to be possible by individual programming
  • the entry of customer requirements without immediate visualization was impossible

Your targets:

  • entry of requirements by the customer or the sales staff directly via the internet
  • serve customer wishes by manifold variant products
  • efficient business processes whilst retaining a wide variety

Examples for sectors that are well suited for the use of customX

  • sheet metal forming (cabinets, steel furniture, doors, gates, shelves, heat exchangers …)
  • plant construction (pressure vessels, buffer storage, valves, silos …)
  • construction engineering (hall buildings, container constructions, water treatment …)
  • conveyor systems (conveyor belts, screw conveyors, water transport …)
  • other product variants (laboratory furniture, lighting systems, electric motors, actuators, cabinet equipment …)