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Automatic construction

The core function of customX is to construct products and this paves the way for efficient business processes. customX does not only configure products, it constructs and calculates them completely automatically.

The basic principle of customX

  • When necessary, each product variant is newly constructed on the basis of rules.
  • customX constructs individual products (within predefined technical constraints) instead of choosing from predefined cases. The principle of automatic construction completely differs from the selection of predefined assemblies.
  • Every product that has a systematology can be fully automated. customX describes the product via the logical correlations between its parts.
  • customX handles all products no matter how complex they are. Due to the automatic construction, it is possible to manage highly complex products with many variants.
  • Configuration, construction and calculation are based on the same data source – as a result, maintenance is minimized, there are no contradictions in data and little memory space is needed.
  • Using the systematology of a product enables customX to work with a minimum database; large libraries of predefined assemblies are omitted, mass changes are not necessary.