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Benefits of using customX

Cost reduction

By automating construction, process costs for technical clarification and production preparation sink immensely. Also, costs caused by faulty designs are completely avoided. The result is a long-term competitive product.


Time is often an important factor for making decisions. A company that is quick both in making quotations and in production has considerable advantages when it comes to winning orders. Automatic construction with customX is the key to the fastest possible business process.


By recording customer requirements only once and in a final version, mistakes in construction and false interpretations of customer wishes are excluded. This leads to trouble-free business processes, positive supplier evaluation, an improved image and, therefore, satisfied customers.


Standardization and product variants – this seems to be a contradiction in terms. But there is no longer a contradiction if the product can be systematized. customX needs a product systematization and so contributes to standardization.

No dependence on staff

Additional turnover can be realized without hiring additional technicians for the project planning. The complete technical description of the product is securely recorded in the rulebook of customX – loss of know-how as a result of employee fluctuation is impossible.


A process automated with customX can easily be made multilingual and country-specific. The system is permanently available – therefore, global expansion is no problem.

Flexibility / Independence

No programming knowledge is necessary for the maintenance of customX. You can adjust your database yourself at any time. customX is a system made by engineers for engineers and so, ideally, should be maintained by the technical department.