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customX can be perfectly integrated into your IT system. Apart from the document interfaces (vgl. Performance features), a connection with other systems is also possible.

Integration of individual programs

During product design, it is possible to connect to any other program from customX. In turn, this program can be granted access to the parameters and the product structure saved in customX. For example, it is possible to integrate necessary product configuration tests in the construction, such as a vibration analysis.

As a drawing machine in the background

customX does not need its own surface and therefore is the ideal software for creating all the production documents in the background. A typical application is that customX is used as the drawing machine of an ERP system, or as a calculation program or as another configuration system.

External control of customX

customX can be fully controlled by an external program, for example by an ERP system. Another possibility is that customX runs completely in the background as a subsystem of another system and takes over the tasks after the customer requirements have been entered, up until the production preparation. The employees  work further with the surface they are used to.