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Process automation

Usually, many steps have to be taken before production can start. After specifying customer requirements, calculations and drawings have to be generated. The quotation is prepared and checked with the customer, modifications are made, and in case the customer orders the product, production drawings, bills of material and working plans are made. There are lots of contact points between different communication partners and these lead to a high error rate during the whole process. This changes dramatically with the implementation of customX.
customX automates the business process.

customX automates the business process. After recording customer requirements (directly online together with the customer), all further processes up until the production preparation, run automatically. By fully automating construction, highly efficient, almost error-free, fast processes can be realized. Customer requirements are immediately turned into an individual offer and, if the customer orders a product, production can start directly.

This is only possible by fully automating construction – a partial automation considerably reduces the benefits.