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Ready for BIM with customX

Building Information Modeling ‐ short: BIM – to efficiently plan, design, construct, operate and maintain buildings and diverse physical infrastructures.

BIM software enables planners to include all relevant building data in a 3D model. The information that is provided within this project file can be accessed by all involved parties at all times. Of course this only works if planners can access the single products and components in a format that can be processed by architectural software. The most common one is the standard data exchange format IFC, but there are of course also software specific ones like .rfa for Revit by Autodesk.

A BIM project file consists of a 3D model and the corresponding product properties, so now the question is: How to create these files quickly and at little cost? There are three possible strategies:

  • Hiring external experts who manually create the data based on your requirements,
  • Training your own staff how to manually create the data or
  • Using already existing construction data.

The first two options are not only very time-consuming and expensive but also prone to error and that is exactly why most companies favour using the data they already have . The customX approach is an extended version of that third strategy. We provide automated solutions that function as a link between mechanical engineering and plant engineering on the one hand and architecture on the other.

Using existing construction data to generate BIM data – fully automatically with customX!

Individual Revit Data on Demand

The customX Revit PlugIn enables you to instantly deliver Revit families to your customers -automatically and even for highly variant products.

Customer requirements are entered into the web mask of the configuration software customX which then automatically generates quotations, BOM, drawings, 3D models as well as Revit Families providing full functionality.

Your customers do not have to adapt to any changes as they can use the automatically produced Revit families just like the ones that have been created manually. For you as a manufacturer this tool means a drastic reduction of time and effort – also in data maintenance. The Revit families that are created with customX offer all required functionalities. customX automatically assigns materials to all parts so your product can be presented photorealistically. MEP connectors (like Mechanic, Electric and Plumbing) are also created by customX automatically. Connector type and parameter can be defined in customX and are then processed to Revit. The PlugIn automatically creates sectional views within the Revit families. The section views contain the symbolic lines that are typical for the product.

IFC Assembler

No longer waste your time by manually entering data to create IFC files. The customX IFC-Assembler generates all IFC files on demand and full automatically. It works for both, single products and entire projects. The IFC assembler merges single IFC files into a project IFC file. All at the push of a button!

Ge the total package by combining the customX configuration software with the IFC-Assembler. After entering customer requirements, customX automatically creates the requested variant and – fully automatically – generates all relevant documents like quotation, production drawings, 3D models, BOM, working plans and ready-to-use IFC data in a matter of seconds.

Based on your individual rules, customX selects the relevant product properties and connects them to the CAD file.

The IFC Assembler as a solo tool is perfect for standard products as it automatically connects construction data with the product properties that have been collected by you beforehand in a XML or XLS file. But customX also offers more far‐reaching solutions for complex variant products or variant projects with standard parts.

For variant products we strongly recommend combining the IFC Assembler with our product configurator customX. This way there are no limits to creating any product variant including all IFC data on demand. 

Your Benefits

  • Eleminating most manual substeps resulting in drastic reduction of time and effort
  • Achieving full automation by combining customX configuration software with BIM modules.
  • Automated process results in 100% error-free data at any time.
  • On- time delivery – Always.
  • BIM data is always created the same way resulting in a uniform structure.
  • Data maintenance is much easier.
  • All BIM data is up‐to‐date at all times.
  • Data maintenance is done in‐house so that the entire product knowledge stays within the company
  • All product variants are covered ‐ without exception.