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The user interface of the web configurator is extremely flexible. As a matter of course, it can be designed to match your corporate design.

In this way, your users get an optimal user experience with input options that are perfectly adapted to your product and your company, and with an incredibly fast, detailed preview of all product variants.

Frontend for power users

Internal users of the web configurator, such as order processors and power users, want to see everything at a glance and so be able to process projects quickly, i.e., open the project, modify it and produce all the production documents with just one click.

Adapt your user interface to specific user groups, without media discontinuity during the transition between different systems. This is because everyone, absolutely everyone, from the customer to the power user, accesses the same digitised product knowledge recorded in the rulebook.


3D preview

With our 3D preview in the web configurator, your sales meeting takes on showroom character. Show your customers the current product variant designed individually for them directly online. Take your customer by the hand and, together, develop the desired product that perfectly fits all your customer’s requirements. And you can always be sure that only technically feasible products will be configured.

Of course, this modern product presentation also includes the 2D preview, to which you can simply change with a click.

Integration of website and shop

A web configurator makes your website and also your company more attractive to the user. You imagine this is difficult? Not at all! Our configurator is based on a web interface that makes integration into the website child's play. It doesn't matter whether you implement it as an iFrame, a stand-alone application, or as a component in the online shop or portal.

The underlying powerful technology with the comprehensive digitalised product knowledge and the connection to other systems, such as ERP, ensures that individual product variants can be ordered directly in your online shop.

Browser-based and device independent

The configurator is simply operated via the browser. Additional software is, therefore, not necessary. You only need web access and a browser-compatible device.

The advantages are obvious: updates are installed centrally on the server, support for users is no longer necessary. In addition, your end users, whether they are field staff, back-office staff or customers, do not need any training to operate the software.


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Webpage builder

Free UI design allows you to customise the interface for an optimal user experience (UX) and to comply with your CI.

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Interactive preview

Position components using drag & drop, while the data check in the background guarantees feasibility.

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REST interface

Control any other systems that exchange data bidirectionally with customX using this standard method.

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Custom themes

Create themes in your own colour scheme to ensure compliance with your corporate design.

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High quality product preview

Fast and accurate previews in 2D and 3D with high-quality textures turn your configurator into a showroom for your products.

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Customised web modules

In addition to the standard modules of customX, you can develop completely new modules to optimally design the front end.

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User and project management

Use this tool for the clear-cut and user-friendly administration of your users and projects – even in the standard version.

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Up- and download files

Communicate with users by making files available to each other. The areas of application are limitless.

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Dynamic content

Adapt queries, graphics and any other content to the needs of your users via the parametric control function.


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