What does customX cost?

Individual pricing thanks to module options

As customX configurations are all individual projects that are designed for your product, your IT environment and your business processes, we calculate each budget individually. The amount of service provided is the factor that influences the price most. At the beginning, the basic question for you should be whether you would like to implement the project with your own personnel or with external assistance.
Take a moment and contact us, or a man and machine subsidiary nearby, so that we can write a meaningful quotation for you. For an initial overview, we would like to briefly introduce you to our individual modules, which we also use in our quotation.

customX modules

customX software license

The software license is the basis and therefore mandatory for a customX configuration project. The price for the license depends on the size of the final rulebook and the expected number of users on the server. The license can be adapted when your requirements change.

customX license
Booking option systematization


How is your product structured? What are the dependencies between individual components and assemblies? What are the geometric similarities? Answers to these questions and more will be provided by experienced experts from our company. We support you in the systematic recording of your product - a highly qualified consulting service that provides the basis for the development of your rulebook.


We train your employees in several steps - first basic training, later intensive training of the rulebook developers. The training content always depends on your individual rulebook and your requirements for our software. In this way, your employees are perfectly prepared for the individual use of the customX rulebook.

customX basic training
customX project assistance

Project assistance

The project assistance module is interesting for customers who want to develop their rulebook independently and still want to fall back on the expert knowledge of our project engineers. The scope of the project support can be individually adapted to your needs. In addition to our product expertise, you benefit from the experience of our project engineers in the areas of process flows, operating concepts, and much more.


Would you like to outsource the development of your rulebook? Then we can offer this service. The scope of the configuration services depends highly on your requirements. After receiving training, many customers independently enter the data for the rulebook, while others request a prototype or even the entire rulebook.

customX services
maintenance of customX

Software maintenance

Always stay up to date. Our maintenance includes the current software updates as well as the use of our support service and is charged as an annual fee.

Overview of product and service options

What does customX cost?
customX Software license Basic license in the sizes S, M, L and Enterprise
Optional modules
Software BIM module Extension of the basic software license for automatically generating BIM files
License upgrade Upgrade of the basic license to the next level
Cost per year
Maintenance of software Annual fee for current software updates and the use of our technical support
Maintenance of the BIM module Annual fee for current software updates and the use of our technical support, if using the BIM module
What does customX cost?
Systematization Consulting for systematizing your product at the start of the project
Project assistance Contingent of services for consulting and strategic development of the rulebook as required
Service Contingent of services for the implementation of the rulebook or a prototype by experts of customX
Basic training Training of your employees for the independent development of your rulebook
Open training Additional training in Limburg together with other customers
Inhouse / company training Exclusive additional training for your company
Online training Training for one person via Web