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customX - The High-performance Configurator

Ask yourself the question: How long does it take to construct variants of your product without errors and to create true-to-scale 2D and 3D previews? With customX this time will be significantly shortened! On average, customX only needs 1 second to calculate the construction and create the preview.

Calculation time
Current users

In relevant tests, we were able to monitor 30 current users in customer projects. The average server response time never exceeded 1 second. Assuming that every user makes an entry every 5 seconds, that's 360 recalculations and constructions per minute, including full-scale 2D and 3D views on the Web, without relying on a database. We will double this performance in the first half of 2019.

Projects without an end? No challenge for us: The peak value we know from our customers is 1 million true-to-scale production drawings per year. That is around 3500 drawings per working day. This figure can only be achieved with 2D technology. But the 3D performance of customX is also amazing.

Production drawings

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Complex and yet simple? The configuration software customX produces simple and structured mapping even for complex variant products. The entire knowledge about the product is digitized in the rulebook. After a short basic training session, this is possible for everyone in the team.
No matter whether the documents are parts lists, work plans or true-to-scale production drawings - everything is created fully automatically in line with the zero error principle. With customX, individual variants are just as simple and cheap as standard products. This is mass customization like in a textbook!
customX focuses on your product - the entire structure is based on your product structure. In this way, customX opens up to communicate with other systems like ERP or CAD and is not limited to a specific system.

Digitize product knowledge

Describe your product systematically, logically and CAD-independently, without renouncing variant variety. The clear organisation of the rulebook ensures maximum transparency. Digitize your constructive decision-making processes so that company-wide standards apply. In this way, you can secure the knowledge about your product digitally and centrally instead of in the heads of employees and in many other places.

digital knowledge, that can be used by anyone any time
generate BIM files automatically

Get ready for BIM

customX has revolutionized the creation of BIM files. Instead of relying on databases, the corresponding data is created fully automatically while using the configuration(see image) - without having to forego all other advantages of customX. So, you can provide each customer with individual and, at the same time, up-to-date data.

Bundling of all systems

The Web interface is the central component beside the rulebook. With a frontend that optimally adapts to your individual needs, access to the configuration is possible around the clock anywhere in the world. All you need is a terminal device with Internet access - there is no need to equip all devices with CAD systems, for example. And in other systems such as Office applications, files are created without your having to operate them actively.

all systems are bundled centrally

Good reasons for customX


Head of Process


Decide for the best solution


The success of your company depends essentially on your ability to efficiently satisfy individual customer needs. Then you should implement customX, because efficiency can only be achieved with a sophisticated system and extensive automation of business processes. At the same time, with customX, you don't have to worry about the omnipresent lack of specialists, especially in technical areas.

  • Efficient processes even with batch size 1
  • Compensation for lack of specialists
  • Up to 80 % time saving

Head of Innovation / Process

You are completely against thinking departmentally? Then you should take a closer look at customX, because with the configuration software, departmental thinking is obsolete since customX automates the entire process from sales to production and still puts individual customer solutions first. Thus, customX is THE solution for companies who want to implement mass customization. And the icing on the cake: you don't need any external service provider for maintenance!

  • Interfaces to all important systems
  • Elimination of departmental thinking through automated processes
  • Mass customization with only one system
proposition of new process ideas
men discussing a customX quotation

Sales Manager

The market demands extremely short delivery times and unlimited individuality. Is that possible? Of course, it is: the customX configuration software does just that! You enter the requirements, present your individual product variant directly to the customer and can give an exact price without having to clarify technical feasibility and costs in other departments beforehand. This is how well-founded consulting works today!

  • Respond optimally to customer needs
  • Use extremely short delivery times as a competitive advantage
  • Don't wait for answers - create exact quotations on site

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What our customers say

Construction times for the boxes configured with customX have decreased by more than 80 %.
All parties involved benefit from the consistent transparency and progressing from customer requirements to the final mudguard is now a short and efficient process.
A huge advantage of customX is that we can do everything ourselves and are not dependent on external service providers.
With customX we are using a professional system which enables fast, complete and error-free configuration of variants.
In addition to SAP, customX has become a strategic element for us.
An experienced designer does not need to think long about what can be manufactured and how. But when such an employee leaves the company, the knowledge is lost. Thanks to customX, we can keep this knowledge in the company now, and new employees can quickly be brought up to date with the product range.
Our productivity has increased enormously. The cooperation with Man and Machine has once again proved its worth.
Compared to a conventional construction, we are certainly 10 times faster.
We produce about 50,000 drawings a year - without customX, this amount would be unthinkable.
With customX we have software that helps us to configure our products quickly, clearly and customer-specifically.
Over the last 10 years our software has been continuously developed. Today, even some of our suppliers are involved. customX has become an integral part of our daily business.
With customX as a main block of our digitization strategy, both external and internal parties benefit from our accumulated, digitized product knowledge. Architects can configure their own variants at any time and download the BIM data directly, and customX creates all the important documents for our internal processes
We felt we were in good hands at all times. We expect a significant increase in the efficiency and speed of the constructive processes with the new configurator.
The cooperation was excellent.