Software Overview

From marketing via engineering to the commissioning of the final product, all departments benefit from customX. They all have equal access to the product knowledge and thus experience maximum transparency.


Online Configurator

Individualisation is becoming more and more important – the challenge is to present this diversity on the web. With customX you can easily integrate a configurator on your website, webshop or customer portal via iFrame, JavaScript or CTA. Best of all: creation & maintenance is done by a technical department.

Product presentation

Elaborate product photos in glossy magazines do not pay off for variants or are often not even possible in the first place. With customX there are no limits for the 3D visualisations in different scenarios - automatically generated for each variant and including all the product information that the customer requires.

Analytics and traffic increase

A configurator provides more visibility online. The competitive advantage: your website attracts more visitors and ranks higher in search engines. Get analytics, heatmaps etc. to get data-based insights on your variant products.


Live pricing (CPQ)

Accurate pricing can be made immediately available, as well as the delivery times of your variants – without any mixed calculation. Observe which changes affect the price, include customer-specific discounts and track how high the margin and your commission are.

Unlimited number of variants

Produce your individual items as efficiently as mass-produced goods – with customX the number of variants is not restricted, and every technically feasible configuration is fulfilled without affecting profitability.

Fast and reliable quotations

Losing time by having to send queries to technical departments is circumvented by automatically generating quotations. These are directly available and include individual customer drawings, technical specifications and BIM data. In addition, you score points with your sound knowledge and can respond flexibly to customer requests. Connections to other systems such as ERP, CRM and PIM are a matter of course.

Showroom character

With customX you always have your individual showroom with you. You can present each product variant directly from the system in 3D, thus offering a tangible experience for the customer. This facilitates the assessment of the product and the decision-making process.


Fast and error-free

With customX you process significantly more orders in the same time, because the data has already been recorded or is automatically retrieved from other systems. The customised interface provides precisely the information that is relevant for you and your work.

Generate and distribute documents automatically

At the push of a button, customX generates all the individually required documents, makes them available to all project participants and automatically triggers the subsequent processes. You receive quotations, parts lists, customer drawings, BIM data etc. For this purpose, customX also works closely with systems such as ERP, CRM and CAD. For you and your team, this means an enormous reduction in workload, as it eliminates a lot of busywork.

A flexible system with central project access

As a flexible software platform, customX adapts optimally to your process requirements. You work with the interface that suits you – be it the customised interface of customX, your familiar ERP interface or any other. You have access to all current project information at any time and from any location. Teamwork and flexibility, just as you want!


Preserving knowledge in the company

All the technical know-how is centrally recorded in the rules and regulations and thus sustainably secured in the company for the whole team. Despite staff turnover, the entire product knowledge is retained. Even the omnipresent skills shortage becomes a minor issue, as the same number of employees can handle significantly more orders.

Simple planning of large projects

Planning large projects with a complex assembly variance becomes a breeze. You determine what you need – customX calculates everything else automatically and creates 3D as well as BIM data from the 2D planning. The work of weeks is reduced to a few days.

Find the optimal solution

Focus optimally on the customer's needs by automating recurring activities and have the fastest, the cheapest or the most comprehensive variant constructed. Based on your input, customX calculates alternatives – you weigh up and decide what suits your customer best.

Simple rule creation

An effective tool by technicians for technicians: the structure of the customX rulebook is very easy to learn. You do not need any programming knowledge. This means you are not dependent on external specialists for expansion and maintenance.

Work Preparation

Automatic variant design

The engineering of the product variants is completely automatic. This means that all the complete documents are immediately available without any need for you to consult specialists. Everyone involved in the project can access all relevant information at any time and from any location.

Drawings in seconds

A central task in work preparation is the creation of exact drawings, which in practice takes an extremely long time and is very error-prone. This work is now taken over by customX – it creates production drawings with automatic dimensioning (also across assemblies), forwards them to production or sends them directly to the machines.

Generate documents automatically

customX relieves you of the routine work – all required documents are created automatically at the push of a button. Besides drawings, this includes production parts lists, sawing lists, work plans, welding plans, assembly plans, workflow plans, nameplates, etc.

Close connection to ERP and others

customX works closely with all the systems you usually deal with in everyday life. Interfaces to ERP and PDM are a matter of course. The optional identical part search checks which parts have already been used once – all others are automatically created.


International production

Do you have manufacturing plants abroad? No problem, because the documents can be generated in any language.

100 % correct designs

The automation of variant construction means that only producible variants are created, so you can simply start production – there is no need for queries or discussions about feasibility!

Scaled drawings

Production drawings are created automatically and therefore always structured identically. Additionally, instead of receiving sketches in production, you get 100% correct, scaled drawings that you can rely on.

Direct import of machine-readable production documents

Start production right away! All documents are automatically made available to you immediately after creation. Checking is no longer necessary. Machines import the 3D documents or DWG/DXF directly, manual intervention is no longer necessary. Special interfaces also transmit XML data if other documents cannot be used by your machines.

Assembly & Commissioning

Complete documentation

For each product variant, customX automatically creates assembly instructions, always according to the same scheme. This eliminates search times when information is required.

Commissioning according to checklists

Checklists help you to control the procedure on site and to ensure the quality of the work and thus of your product. This gives you the security of knowing nothing will be forgotten on site, and allows you to concentrate fully on working on the product.

Creatively eliminate cost drivers

Automatic document generation opens up completely new possibilities for you that were previously far too costly. For example: measurement errors and incorrectly placed components are avoidable cost drivers in assembly. A creative approach would be to use a laser to apply markings and assembly instructions directly to the workpiece. Due to automation, the effort needed to do this is minimal.

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