Using customX, the distribution of box bodies for vehicles is enormously facilitated, the design department is relieved and errors are avoided.


The idea was to start engineering automation to massively accelerate the preparation of quotations and the entire subsequent process, while at the same time minimising sources of error. This was planned to considerably relieve the engineering department and significantly facilitate sales.


After FGS decided to implement customX, the employees were trained in the creation of rules and the use of the rulebook. Building on a basic framework created by customX, the entire product knowledge was recorded in the rulebook by FGS and access was gradually released to the relevant people.


The expectations regarding the acceleration of the sales process and the avoidance of errors were clearly fulfilled. In addition, FGS now recognises and appreciates the great benefit of digital product know-how. The system will continue to be expanded.

The ideal transport solution is individual

Who doesn't know them: delivery vehicles from which containers are rolled? And this is true for the most diverse areas of application with all kinds of rolling trolleys. FGS GmbH, based in Hohenfels in Germany, manufactures individual box bodies so that every baker, gardener or caterer can load their goods optimally. As a medium-sized company, FGS scores points with its customers through high flexibility and fast individuality – both of which FGS achieves today with the customX software platform from the Man and Machine Group.

Individual transport options and loading situations

The customers of FGS GmbH are mainly bakeries and market gardens that regularly load rollable containers onto their vehicles. These containers differ a lot and the customers have very specific ideas about how they want to load and use them on the vehicle. Of course, there are similar products from other suppliers, but FGS scores due to the individualisation of its products, which are adapted to each customer. Therefore, no box body is like the other. The wide range of variants mainly results from size variation and individual fittings.

Manual design costs time, money and nerves

This used to involve a lot of manual effort in design and work preparation. The sales department could not prepare a concrete offer on site, but could only record the customer's wishes, commission the planning in the design department and clarify technical queries in order to have an offer prepared on this basis. In the design department the new drawing was created manually on the basis of existing drawings. This procedure was enormously time-consuming, error-prone and not very satisfactory for all those involved, as a lot of coordination and many repetitive activities were necessary.

Automate the variant design

Therefore, the question arose as to how variant design could be mapped cleanly, and how the preparation of quotations and the variant design itself could be done more quickly and more cost-effectively. The management of FGS approached their software partner Man and Machine, who introduced the group's own software platform, customX. FGS was quickly convinced that this was exactly the solution they were looking for. The decision was made quickly and so the training of the employees could start without delay.

Flexible implementation

Together with the design manager, Marcel Cacek, customX developed a basic framework for the construction of the configurator. The rest was done by Marcel Cacek himself, but he could always rely on the competent advice of the customX project engineers. And so, already four months after the introduction, the first drawings were generated with customX, although the set of rules was built up parallel to the daily business. Initially, customX was only used in the design department and put through its paces there.

Efficiency as desired

A short time later, the circle of users was expanded, and today the sales department can show the customer the visualisation of the desired product on site, so the customer can much more easily understand what the vehicle will look like later. Detailed documents with all drawings for customers and production, quotations and sawing lists are now available the very next day, where in the past it could take several days to several weeks. 80-90 % of the orders can be processed completely automatically with customX – with only one last check by the design department. Another 5 % are pre-constructed by customX and 3D assemblies are automatically created, which are manually extended by special constructions. And only the remaining 5-15 % of the orders are genuine special constructions, for which FGS now has more time.

Impressed by customX

At FGS, they are "super satisfied with the cooperation with customX", as Marcel Cacek reports. Working with customX is fun for everyone involved. "I'm particularly impressed that you can build such powerful software with just a few parameters," Cacek continues.

FGS Marcel Cacek

I'm particularly impressed that you can build such powerful software with just a few parameters.

Marcel Cacek

Design Manager, FGS GmbH

Knowledge store for the product

The expectations of the new software have been absolutely fulfilled – quotations are created much faster, errors due to manual copying and adjusting of drawings are avoided, and annoying queries are eliminated. And in the course of time, another significant advantage has emerged: The entire technical product knowledge has been recorded in the rulebook – thus the entire product is documented and the knowledge is secured. At the same time, this "knowledge store" can also be used as a reference work; the product knowledge is retained even when there is a change of personnel in the company.

The next product on hold

Marcel Cacek is currently working with another colleague on the rules for the next product – the loading rails will then be configured completely without the design department by the sales department and sent directly to production. A publication on the web is also planned for this product. FGS is looking forward to the finished configuration, which will again save a lot of costs and result in satisfied customers.


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