Why customX?

As a manufacturer of product variants, do you make optimum use of your broad product range to gain a competitive advantage? Unleash the full potential of your variants with customX.

Traditional variant management is outdated

Traditional variant management often proves to be economically inefficient and outdated, preventing you from maximizing your success. As a variant manufacturer, you are faced with the challenge of managing product complexity.

Efficient success: think in terms of products, not articles!

Instead of thinking in terms of articles, we focus on the development of customized products. Our innovative methodology places efficiency at the forefront and deliberately challenges the concept of offering everything in articles.

From classic variant management to tailor-made products

By automating your value chain, we minimize costs and make your variants economically attractive. The result? Your variant products become more profitable and can be flexibly adapted to market requirements without sacrificing efficiency.

Increasing efficiency in variant production

We recommend that variant manufacturers first focus on this process optimization before creating a portfolio of standard products and products that guarantee success. With customX, you can achieve a new level of efficiency and sustainably increase your success.

Ready for efficient change? Find out more about our tailor-made solutions and discover the future of variant management with customX!

Bals Heiko Germershausen

With customX we use a professional system which allows fast, complete and error-free configuration of variant.

Heiko Germershausen

Technical Sales, Bals Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Over the last 10 years our software has been continuously developed. Today, even some of our suppliers are involved. customX has become an integral part of our daily business.

Gilbert Lux

CEO, unitec Energietechnik GmbH

CPQ - more appearance than reality!

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) may seem impressive at first glance, but don't be fooled. Behind the shiny marketing is just a sales tool for quotation and product configuration - and that's where the advantages end.

CPQ software and its limitations

CPQ software is often well styled and exclusively geared towards marketing & sales processes. It can be impressive in the sales phase, but it does not reduce the project planning effort. Basically, it's all about quotation automation. Comparable to the assembly of parts, as in a modular system. For all other tasks such as design, drawing, work preparation and more, a lot of manual work is still required.

Inaccuracies in pricing with CPQ

Pricing remains imprecise, as CPQ cannot calculate exact material quantities and is generally not connected to the ERP system - so the prices are only estimates. Furthermore, CPQ is only one aspect of digitalization and does not cover the entire process by far.

Bottlenecks in technical project planning

The actual bottleneck often lies in the technical project planning professions, which are particularly affected by the shortage of skilled workers. As a result, CPQ achieves little in the way of time and cost savings. Even with CPQ, delivery times do not change, although this would be a clear competitive advantage: being able to deliver customized products faster.

At customX, we understand the inefficiencies and challenges of CPQ. We offer you a comprehensive solution that goes far beyond CPQ and also includes automated variant design. Let's work together to optimize your work processes and fully implement digital transformation.

Skills shortage? No problem!

By deploying your staff more efficiently, you can achieve sustainable growth and an increase in productivity.

Increasing labour productivity is the answer

Increasing labour productivity is the key to alleviating the skills shortage. As a company, it is up to you to use this lever to achieve more without having to rely on new skilled workers.

Measures to increase productivity

Increasing productivity requires a combination of different measures. In addition to improving work motivation, the combination of digitalization, automation and lean concepts plays a decisive role.

One effective measure in this context is the introduction of a software platform such as customX. This platform automates variant construction, provides digital and centralized product know-how data, avoids media disruptions and duplication of work, and thus optimizes company processes overall. At the same time, resources are freed up to concentrate on real development work. By relieving employees of repetitive and boring tasks, job satisfaction, motivation and, ultimately, productivity increase.

With customX, you can overcome the skills shortage and raise your productivity to a new level.

Construction times for boxes configured with customX have decreased by more than 80 %.

David Dostmann

IT Manager, WätaS Wärmetauscher Sachsen GmbH


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