Engineering & Design Automation

Automated drawings

Engineering automation not only enables fully automated variant design, but also document automation that does not even stop at scale drawings. With the customX software platform, you can generate not only quotations, customer drawings and parts lists, but also production drawings with automatic dimensioning simply at the touch of a button and have them forwarded digitally.

Efficient design

Variant design involves a lot of work, which you can avoid with design automation through customX. This reduces the time required for the creation of product variants by up to 95 %. By using the digital product knowledge in the customX rulebook, you simultaneously avoid errors that would cause unnecessary costs.

Engineering automation is your key to saving time, avoiding errors and reducing costs in design. Using customX means your variant design is highly efficient and at the same time absolutely comprehensive!

Reduce workload

In today’s world, your customers expect your products to be customized within the shortest possible time. The sales department makes promises that put you under enormous pressure in variant design. At the same time, the demands on the documents you have to deliver are increasing.

Put an end to this pressure and introduce engineering automation as a tool to relieve your technical departments. You will notice very quickly that this also has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and thus on the quality of work.

Familiar environment

As an employee of a technical department, you have a long training period behind you and are confidently familiar with your CAD environment. This is perfect, because with customX you can continue to use it and do not necessarily have to get used to a new working environment. Our design automation also works in the background via the numerous interfaces to other programs and the possibility of integration with iLogic.


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Documents for production

Production documents such as dimensioned drawings, parts lists and assembly instructions are generated automatically by customX.

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Documents for sales

At the push of a button, you receive all documents required by sales, such as customer drawings and quotations.

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iLogic integration

Use the advantages of iLogic for smaller assemblies as you are used to. For complete automation of your complex variant design, access customX via iLogic.

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Vault linking

Use the product data of your PDM system such as Vault with customX and have all newly created models stored there.

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BIM data from construction data

Provide planners and architects with the desired BIM files of each product variant based on your CAD data and put an end to BIM catalogs.

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Bill of materials

Automate the creation of your different BOMs (constructive, manufacturing, sales BOMs, sawing lists, etc.) with customX.

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REST interface

Use this standard method to control any other systems exchanging data bidirectionally with customX. In this way, you automatically distribute data to all project participants.

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Calculation programs

customX exchanges parameters with individual calculation programs, whereby the start can be both in the calculation program or at customX.

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customX exchanges data automatically with ERP. Data maintenance via PIM systems is possible without any problems.


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