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As you can see, the possibilities for the use of customX are almost unlimited - but above all they are very far-reaching. You would now like to implement everything, but don't know if and where you should start, because you will have a huge amount of work to do?
Our tip: start small and proceed systematically step by step. The best thing is to contact us with no obligation and get to know us first - we will then be happy to discuss the potential for utilization in your company. You can start with a small part and then, step by step, implement the configurator.


Every company is unique because of its employees, its product and its IT infrastructure. So why should we develop software that puts companies into predefined boxes and imposes a pattern on your company that doesn't suit you? customX is therefore deliberately designed for individuality.
Our customers are a colourful mix of companies from a wide range of industries, sizes and regions. Whether you are a small sheet metal forming company in the countryside or a large equipment manufacturer in an urban area, it doesn't make any difference to us! We adapt our software optimally to your needs and look forward to new challenges in ever new areas.
customX is perfect for you if the following characteristics apply (at least partially) to your company:

Unterschiedliche Produktvarianten

Variant products

You offer your products in numerous variants that are created via modification construction or in project planning and are generated according to clear rules.

customX macht Mass Customization möglich

Mass customization instead of mass production

You produce small quantities or even batch size 1. Although you do not produce mass-produced goods, you want to take advantage of mass customization.


Your CAD system

You work with Autodesk Inventor or AutoCAD or are open to migration. The configuration should be closely linked to CAD, but can be operated without CAD knowledge.

Standard-Software statt Programmierung

Standard software for individuality

You want to automate the construction of your variants with a configurator without individually programmed software and thus be independent during maintenance.

BIM-Daten und BIM-Dateien

BIM data required

Your customers always expect you to provide current, correct BIM data of all product variants; at the same time you need detailed documents (drawings, parts lists ...) for production.


Search for specialists

You urgently need skilled workers for the design modification, but you cannot find any at the moment. In addition, you would like to secure product knowledge digitally in your company.

Also ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises

Especially small and medium-sized companies benefit greatly from our many years of experience and numerous successful projects for such companies. Together we can do it - we support you in planning and implementing your project! We have already proven this with numerous companies. So, don't hesitate to contact us!

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